(PA704) At the heart of each believer is the desire to grow into deeper love and intimacy with God. If Jesus died that we would have a personal relationship with the Father, then why do many of us struggle to hear His voice, know His will, and to love Him with all our heart? Many have tried to be obedient, live good lives and follow the spiritual disciplines, yet still feel that they are failing and never getting closer in their communion with Christ. Did God intend relationship with Him to be difficult and challenging? What is keeping us from the breakthrough that we desire?

Recorded September 2013

Training Units: 4
Tags: Core Course, Pastoral, Steve Chua

Steve Chua is the Executive Director of Seek First international and is also the Senior Leader of the church “ONE”. Steve's passion is to see Spirit-filled Kingdom ministry established in the local church and to see the next generation impacted by the work of the Cross, the love of the Father and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Through his humorous, enthusiastic and, often, visual teaching style, Steve seeks to impart God's truth to see the heart of the believer transformed. Since graduating from divinity school in 1991, Steve has ministered to thousands around the world, bringing a message of the tangibility and healing reality of God’s love. Through the ministry of Seek First International and “ONE”, Steve alongside of his leadership team, has birthed a project called the Strategic Leadership Initiative. This training and mentoring program seeks to advance and spiritually parent the next generation of Kingdom leaders. Steve is the former Assistant Director of Singing Waters Ministries (Canada), and was also part of the leadership team with Ellel Ministries International (UK) and Agape Renewal Ministry (USA). Alongside of his beautiful wife, Barbara and their five incredible children, he resides in Claremont, a suburb of Los Angeles, California.


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