Bill Sudduth

Bill Sudduth is President of Righteous Acts Ministries. (RAM)Bill and his wife Janet founded this ministry out of a passion to bring deliverance, healing, and restoration to the body of Christ. Bill has been a leader in the field of Deliverance and healing since 1998. He graduated from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, FL. He then worked on the Pastoral Care staff of the school, where he headed the deliverance ministry. Bill and Janet now travel extensively throughout the United Stated and to other nations holding Spiritual Growth Seminars, Deliverance Traingin Seminars, The Restoring of Innocence Seminars, and Revival Meetings. They truly expose the wiles and schemes of the devil as they present the truths found in the Word of God in a fresh, exciting and relevant way that both challenges and empowers the saints. Bill and Janet have seen the Holy Spirit set literally thousands of people so free, by bringing restoration, renewal, and revival to the Body of Christ