Letter to Student

Dear Prospective Student,

Speakers-Che1Are you ready to take your next step toward reaching your destiny in Christ? If so, Wagner Leadership Institute is ready to help launch you in your purpose and calling.

Since 1998, Wagner Leadership Institute has opened the doors of destiny to thousands of students worldwide who are willing to invest in training that produces spiritual fruit in their life and ministry. Since assuming the position of WLI President & International Chancellor, it has been my honor and privilege to shepherd the vision of our Founding Chancellor, Dr. C. Peter Wagner, building on his legacy and track record of developing leaders. And let me add, I believe all Christians are leaders!

Peter recognized the need within the Body of Christ to take training from the realm of theory into the arena of practical ministry. WLI continues to distinguish itself from other schools and methods of training by focusing on this new teaching paradigm—impartation and activation—coupled with world-class instruction from proven apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in an intimate classroom setting. Church, ministry and marketplace leaders can pursue a bachelor, master or doctor Diploma of Practical Ministry. Earning training units can be done at your own pace, pay as you go, through a combination of live courses and study at home.

I am excited to share that the Lord continues to breathe on the DNA of Wagner Leadership Institute. We are growing rapidly with new apostolic training centers rising up across the globe, including WLI schools in China, Russia and throughout Latin America. Also, WLI continues to add successful kingdom leaders to our growing roster of core instructors. We are currently releasing new ways to expand the scope of WLI’s training through new curriculum tracts while improving the services of WLI Global and strengthening our network of training centers.

I am truly excited about the future of WLI—I believe the best is yet to come! I invite you to come be activated and empowered to go forth in God’s end-time harvest. I pray that Holy Spirit will lead you as you consider enrolling in WLI.

In His Love,

Dr. Ché Ahn
President & International Chancellor